Welcome to Sculpting 3d Dubai

At Sculpting 3d we offer unique mementos. A baby grows so fast, early moments are so precious. Capture this time by taking a direct impression of your child’s hands and feet so you will have a lasting memory.

This artistic 3 dimensional piece will reproduce the finest details of your little ones hands and feet such as fine lines, wrinkles, fingerprints, creases and finger nails. It is a direct replica of your baby’s hand and feet. Not only will it capture all those beautiful characteristics it also shows the actual size of your baby’s cute little hands and feet. As your little one grows you will have this amazing keepsake to remind you of how small they once were.

The final 3 dimensional replica will be professionally framed in either a stunning hand made leather frame or a beautiful wooden frame. Each life casting is very unique and customised to your personal requirements.

In addition to the 3 dimensional creations there is the adorable jewellery range. These are 3d miniature jewellery charms of your baby’s hands and feet which are absolutely gorgeous and can be worn by you at all times, even when they have grown up and left the nest! These pieces will be handed down for generations to follow.

Wonderful memento’s that will be forever treasured.

Life Casting